Meet me

I can see you in My domain

from 10am
(beginning of the first session)
to 08pm (end of the last session)

No appointment will be arranged outside of these times

 Appointments must be made by phone a minimum of 48 hours in advance to meet Me.

I offer both complete discretion and hygiene;
needless to say, I expect the same from those who come to see Me.

Meet Me for the first time 

Before we meet and to ensure we understand each other, follow the following procedure to the letter:

1. Send an email to introduce yourself to

  • Do you have any experience in BDSM? If so, explain.
  • What are your likes/dislikes?
  • What dates, times and length of session are you looking for?
This is a chance for you to ask Me questions about the session and to tell Me if there is anything important I need to know in advance.

Feel free to suggest a scenario to Me, but please be aware I will not follow it to the letter, since the unknown and the unexpected are for Me a central part of the allure of BDSM.

Please note : 
Except in exceptional circumstances, your physical appearance, your age or your profession are of little importance to Me: what counts is who you say you are.

2. When you receive the reply, contact Me as instructed.

Any failure to follow these instructions would be a tell-tale sign of a lack of seriousness on your part.
Remember: you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Please note : if you do not receive a reply within 48 hours (weekends excluded), please submit your request again.

3. You will be required to confirm your presence by phone

It will have to be done between 7pm and 8pm on the evening before our session.
Evidently, any individual who does not take the trouble to cancel his appointment will be refused any future meeting.

Please note : I never reply to text messages or withheld numbers. Please ensure you take note of this.

Contact Me by phone


I can be contacted 

Monday to Friday
from 10am to 9pm ONLY

From Belgium:
0487 59 58 68

From abroad:
0032 487 59 58 68

I will not reply to text messages or withheld numbers.

Should I not reply, please leave a message indicating :

  • Your name
  • The reason for your call
  • When I can call you back.

Take good note of the following:

  • Any individual who calls me outside of the above times is showing a complete lack of respect for my private life . He will be denied any future meeting and will be blacklisted forthwith.
  • If I do not reply to your call, you MUST leave a message. DO NOT CALL 10 TIMES IN A ROW!!!
  • If I do not answer, it may well be that I am in mid-session!
  • I will not reply to any question whose answer can be found on this site.

I have taken the time to explain things to you
The least I expect is that
you pay attention to what I have written.


Any individual who:

  • forget to cancel his appointment
  • does not show up at the chosen time
  • misbehaves with me
won't have ANY chance of a future apointment with ME.

My Time is as precious as yours, do not make Me waste it!