A session with Me

What you need to know

Let me make the following points clear:

  •  I welcome all submissives, be they male, female or couples, for both initiation or regular monitoring.
  • The minimum length of a session is 1 hour. Less than 1 hour is not accepted.
  •  There will be NO sexual contact with Me whatsoever, be it oral or genital. Please remember that facesitting is not a synonym of cunnilingus.
  •  Please don't ask Me to waste My time meeting you beforehand in a bar or other public space to make acquaintance or discuss matters.
  •  I am a professional. I put in an enormous amount of time, energy, equipment, accessories, and therefore money to make your wildest dreams come true. All this quite clearly comes at a cost, and this will necessarily require some financial compensation on your part.
  •  Any improper behaviour on your part will result in the immediate termination of the session. 

Our first meeting

I set a maximum length of 2 hours for first sessions.

This is because the powerful emotions and intensity of this first journey can make the whole experience quite exceptional, and both the mind and the body need to be able to fully take in what has happened before we consider a longer journey in My hands.

Therefore I will only reserve sessions lasting for longer than 2 hours for those who I've already met, so that I know for a fact our time together will be extraordinary for Myself as well.

Types of sessions

I offer a range of types of sessions which can last from one hour to several days, depending on your preference.
Here are a few examples (bearing in mind that the content and course of each meeting is unique)

These are only examples, and can be adapted.
Each session is unique and tailored for you.

Long sessions and training periods

Sessions lasting for more than 4 hours are considered as long sessions.
Sessions lasting for at least 12 hours are considered as training periods.

For these kinds of meetings, please ensure you contact Me at least a week in advance to be sure I am still available.
My dungeons can swallow you up for entire days and nights, should you so wish.
A short meditative retreat in My hands could do you the world of good and, your limits respected, the treatment you receive will be as I see fit.