My Interests

Here is a list of just some of My interests;
there are endless ways I can come up with to tease and torment you 

  • Cock and Ball torture (CBT)

weight, clamps, bondage, vibrations, electrical plays etc.

  • Erotic mind manipulation

 lose all control and be who I want you to be

  • Feminization, crossdressing

Discover your feminine side :
are you a French maid or a harlot ?

  • Nipple torture (NT)

fingernails, pegs, weight, suction, needles, clamps, etc.

  • Anal stretching

plugs, dildos, fisting etc

  • Humiliation

You will blush with embarrassment;
if you come, it will be in shame

  • Footfetish, Foot worship

Feet, heels, boots, stockings etc

  • Bondage, mummification

ropes, chains, leather bag, wrap etc

  • Suspensions

ropes, chains, leather sleepbag

  • Corporal punishment:

spanking, strap, crop, whip, cane.... 

  • Vacuum bed

empty, immobilised, and at my mercy

  • Enforced chastity imposed

I will  take special care of the key of your cage.

  • Fetish Play

leather, vinyl, latex, pvc, wool , nylon etc

  • Wax play, clamps, weights, electrical play etc
  • Medical games - Medical examination

needles, probes,  catheters,
stitches, scrotal infusion, etc.

  • Roleplaying games

warden and prisoner, schoolmistress and pupil, nurse and patient, nursemaid and adult baby, trainer and ponyboy etc

  • Golden shower

with or without consumption...

  • Financial slavery

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I do NOT engage in any of the following :

  • Brown showers/scat play
  • Zoophilia
  • Pedophilia
  • Any form of oral or genital sexual contact
  • Any form of irreversible marking / mutilation

I will not entertain Any request of the sort